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Oh Car Boot Sales, how I love you.

More tapes. Charity shop had a ton a 3p each, so I snapped up all of the blank/ recordable ones.

More tapes. Charity shop had a ton a 3p each, so I snapped up all of the blank/ recordable ones.


'When A patient escapes from a rural institution he finds that memories of his past have to be destroyed.'

The debut short from MVFK, completey shot in VHS-C tape. Featuring music and visuals from CITIZEN850.

The Third Promo For Masket Case.

Coming 21/3/12.


I have been working on the long process of moving all of my work from vimeo to youtube. Settuing up a new channel in the process; MVFKTV.

I have decided to class the videos into playlists to organise different collections, my general experimental videos are now going to be classed into different series’. With each series spanning a couple of months/ around 20 videos. From now on all of my videos will be solely on youtube.

The Second Promo for Masket Case.

A little late, Due to issues with vimeo and me changing over to youtube.


I am currently in the process of transferring all of my MVFK video to youtube, I have though about this for the past few weeks and have finally decided to go for it. This is for a couple of reasons;

1. Vimeo cocks up the quality of all of my videos, i’m not sure why but all I know is that youtube seems to be able to deal with it.

2. It will allow me to create playlists and shows so that I can group together my work.

3. I want to upload much more often, with multiple videos at a time, and vimeo just isn’t good for this.

4. I plan to start a couple of new series’ relving around me vlogging, and Vimeo definately isn’t the place to run such series’.

So… Check out my new youtube page at;

THE VHS REVOLUTION IS HERE. A one man revolution to current media practices. Turning all conventions of style and quality on its head. VHS IS NO LONGER DEAD.